Dalsgaard Data was established as a personally owned company in 1998 by John Dalsgaard. The mission statement of the company was slightly different then than it is today. The purpose was solely to “deliver services related to Lotus Notes/Domino”. Since then the mission statement has been changed to also include teaching and products.

John Dalsgaard

In the first couple of years the work was predominantly “sale of consultancy hours” also known as “body shopping”. In 1999 the demand rose for specialised knowledge about developing web solutions in Lotus Domino. At that time it was difficult to find highly skilled and experienced developers – at least at a reasonable cost. The alternative, therefore, was to employ young newly educated programmers. However, these would be expensive to train to obtain the high skills that has always been a cornerstone in the “Dalsgaard Data business”. And back at the time of the millenium the loyalty of IT employees to their employers was more or less dictated by their purse!

In 2006 Dalsgaard Data A/S employed Birgitte Dalsgaard.

Birgitte Dalsgaard

Birgitte has worked as the connecting link between IT and the core business in Post Danmark (the Danish postal service) through several years. She has worked with processes, test and training of users. That has given us some new opportunities in the company as Birgitte has developed several training courses in using Lotus Notes and lately in using social media (you can see more about this on our Danish web site). Finally, Birgitte has a lot of experience with working in projects and she has started educating herself as a project manager. Therefore, we find that she is a valuable addition to all the technology and “geek stuff” in Dalsgaard Data A/S.

Business model

All considerations from the start of the millenium ended up in a new business model – a model that we still follow today.

  • It is not a goal in itself to employ more than the 2-3 employees that are employed in Dalsgaard Data today
  • Dalsgaard Data establishes close, long-term networks with business partners within relevant business areas
  • On individual projects Dalsgaard Data use business partners as sub-contractors with skills that are required for the project in question
 Advantages  Disadvantages
  • Always very skilled and competent resources for the job – no matter what is required for the job!
  • Dynamic allocation of resources adapted to the demand in the market, i.e. less financial risk.
  • Quick adaption to new business opportunities in the market.
  • Valuable input from competent business partners who know how to think “business” as well as technology within their specific field.
  • Really – none
  • …however, there is possibly a lower income than having employees with an even, high resource allocation.

In 2001 Dalsgaard Data was transformed into a corporation (in Danish “aktieselskab”) among other things to signal solidity and dedication to our business partners.

In 2002 Dalsgaard Data A/S became a member of (a Danish community of Notes and Domino specialists) which is an import part of our network of business partners today. John Dalsgaard has been very active in the daily “running” of the community and was the chairman of the board from 2005 to 2012.

You can read more on our focus on network (on our Danish web site) as part of our daily operations of our company.