Autologin to Appcelerator Titanium…

If you use Appcelerator Titanium Studio to create mobile applications you may get tired of entering your email address and password every time you start Studio.

If like me you are on a Mac – then what do you do?

First you find a guide that can help you if your Mac does not store the userid/password on its own, like the one my good friend John Jardin at Ukuvuma has written.

If for some reason that still does not work – like mine…. – then what can you do? By “accident” I stumbled over a message in Studio’s log. You find the log through: Titanium / About Titanium:

About Titanium

and here you select: Installation Details / Configuration / View Error LogTitanium Installation Details
At the bottom (just after login time) I found this message:


!ENTRY com.appcelerator.titanium.core 4 0 2014-06-11 12:12:23.014
!MESSAGE (Build [ERROR] Failed to save the signed-in user
!STACK 0 No password provided.


After having looked for a reason I found the following article on For me the first suggestion worked. I went into preferences: 

Titanium Prefs Secure Storage
found the [Default Secure Storage], marked it and pressed the “Delete” button. Agreed to restart Studio. When it came up the first time I had to log in – of course. But when I restarted again it automatically logged me in!

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