I am going to Engage.UG (Belgium) to speak

I have just been accepted to speak at engage.ug 30-31 March in Ghent in Belgium. I am going to speak about REST services in IBM Domino/XWork. I am going to be in company with a very prominent group of speakers from all over the World – including 29 other IBM Champions! Are you going? Check out… Læs mere

I have been elected as IBM Champion for 2015

Today I was elected as an IBM Champion for 2015. It is a great honour – and I really appreciate it. Worldwide there are only 96 IBM Champions elected for next year. And even more there are only THREE (3) of us in Denmark. The last couple of years IBM have elected a group of… Læs mere

REST Services in IBM Domino/XWork

Today I gave a presentation about REST Services in IBM Domino/XWork server at the DanNotes conference in Korsør. The appetizer for the presentation was: Loose coupling of systems is key to future development! Why? Because it will allow us to change the “components” as we go along instead of creating monster big systems that are… Læs mere

Login / logout when using Ajax against Domino

I tried to figure out how to correctly login and logout of Domino from an Ajax service that I call from a mobile app. Well, to be more specific I actually had login working fine – but logout just wouldn’t do it correctly…. The way I saw this was by issuing the following command on… Læs mere

Tuning your XPages…

Ok this may promise a little more than I can hold. However, I just wanted to point the attention to some good advice that I had from Tony McGuckin (co-author of Mastering XPages) at IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando. This piece of advice surfaced through a review of a large application that I was building… Læs mere