REST Services in IBM Domino/XWork

Today I gave a presentation about REST Services in IBM Domino/XWork server at the DanNotes conference in Korsør. The appetizer for the presentation was:

Loose coupling of systems is key to future development! Why? Because it will allow us to change the “components” as we go along instead of creating monster big systems that are tied together using all sorts of different technologies. Webservices have been a way to obtain this over the last decade. More recently a special variant has become very popular, namely the JSON based REST service.

Imagine you could extend your data out to the world outside your Domino environment? – in an easy way….! And imagine those data could easily be incorporated into other systems via standardized interfaces… Could that extend the value of your current systems further? Could this be a way to use new technologies to modernize your users’ experience of working with your systems?

Come and take away knowledge about how to open your Domino/XWork based systems up to the world outside using JSON based REST services. They are going to be key to future development in Domino/XWork – whether you want to use data in browser solutions (e.g. based on angular.js or ExtJS) or native mobile apps (built in whatever technology is best).

You can find the presentation on – and the demo database is available for download from


… oh, and by the way – I was elected for the board of DanNotes that is the Danish Lotus Notes user group!

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