Dalsgaard Data A/S builds on a business concept that combines solid technical knowledge and experience with knowledge and experience from IT and business management.

What does that mean?

It means that you can always expect to see a high level of skills within the technologies we work with. In addition to that our “mission perspective” is that technology has to do something good for the business. Your business. Technology for its own sake is not interesting (sorry geeks!).

This is the foundation for the business areas mentioned below. We deliver several services within these business areas in addition to the specific products that you can find product sheets for. 

Mobile solutions

Development of mobile solutions is one of our new business areas. Mobile solutions can contribute to optimizations and improvements of the processes in a company in brand new ways where you can “extend” the business into the hands of employees, business partners or customers.

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XPages is the newest development tool in IBM Notes and Domino. With XPages we know have a “real” web application server inside of Domino. This gives extremely good posibilities to develop solutions that scale much better and at the same time offers the developer a suite of the newest tools like Dojo, Server side Javascrip, and Java to create compelling solutions.

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IBM Notes/Domino

This has been our core competence since 1998. We focus on a “good” solution which in our terms is measured by the factors: Scalability, manageability, stability and flexibility.

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The starting point for an IT project should always be some sort of business advantage. We offer to be a sparring partner to your IT management. This can take many forms; from discussing IT managements role in relation to business managment, over review of specific projects, to assistance with the wide palette of problems/tasks that you have in an IT function. The most fundamental skill within this field is what we call “structured troubleshooting” which is a little difficult to write a product sheet for. However, we have several skills from being an IT manager as well as having had different positions within IT functions).

A fumdamental service from an IT department is the “daily operations”. We have much experience in getting that service to work well in relation to the “customers” (users) with an optimal demand of resources.

Remember, technology should always improve the business. That should be the “mantra” of any IT manager.

Java, Websphere, Tomcat

In solutions that need to scale out of bounds (number of users or volume) it can be appropriate to develop the solution in Java and run it on a web application server. This can be done in connection with Domino if that if applicable. In any case a web application server kan provide performance in a scale that Domino cannot provide, although this has been improved dramatically with the addition of XPages.

We have chosen to work with IBM’s Websphere as the commercial (and often relatively expensive) product as well as the open-source project “Jakarta” in the form of the Tomcat server which is a free (licence) alternative that can often be a good alternative if the organisation does not already have a Websphere environment in place.