Mobile solutions

We are in the process of turning development of mobile solutions into one of our core competences. The really interesting thing about mobile solutions is that it allows companies to re-think or re-invent their business processes. By  “extending” the business into the hands of employees – or even business partners and customers – it suddenly be possible to operate the business in new ways to allow a better or faster service to the customers.

We offer development of mobile solutions:

  • Web pages that “act” as a mobile “app” (does not require installation)
  • Adhoc solutions that can be “shot” by using a QR-code
  • Real “apps” that need to be distributed and installed via an app-stores (Apple or Google)
  • Connected to your own “backoffice systems”
  • Development of a backoffice system if you do not already have one in place for the process in question

We use various tools for deveoping the solutions and strive to keep using the most appropriate tool for a specific solution. As of now we are using the following tools:

  • AppCelerator’s Titanium
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Dojo
  • Sencha Touch

This list keeps changing since development of mobile solutions is an area that really moves fast. You can see a small example of a solution developed using jQuery Mobile with an XPages based backend on an IBM XWorks Server: The Messe-app (it is in Danish – an exhibition app for a local exhibition).

Please contact us for further information about what it could do to your business to extend it into the hands of an employee, a business partner, or a customer!