XPages is the newest development tool in IBM Notes and Domino that dramatically expands the options for developing web based solutions. Domino has now been equipped with a “real” web application server which among other things provides sessions and extreme caching of elements compared to traditional web-development in Domino. This allows developers to develop solutions that scale much higher and in addition provide the newest tools for development, e.g.:

  • Application, session, view, request scopes
  • OneUI and themes for structured user interface
  • Structured organisation of an application (usage of custom controls, etc.)
  • Programming i Client side Javascript, Server side Javascript and Java
  • Managed beans (Java)
  • XAgents (XPages without a rendered user interface – instead of web-agents)
  • Usage of the Extension Library

We develop all new web solutions in XPages – however, only if the customer’s Domino server is running version 8.5.3 or later. We use a structure which is heavily based on Java since this gives better performance and better options for the structure and quality assurance of the code.