Dalsgaard Data A/S delivers the following products.

If you need a product that you do not find on this list, please contact: John Dalsgaard, phone: 4914-1271 or email. We work with a range of suppliers of products in e.g. CRM, Quality Assurance, and Workflow.


2 Phase Login

This is our latest product for a secure login to a web solution on Domino. By introducing an extra check and using the cell phone as a token you can ensure secure access to systems for employees and business partners.

See more in the description of 2 phase login

Contact Sync

With Contact Sync you can send the company’s contacts out on the employees’ mobile devices. The system is configured centrally to determine what needs to sent to the mobile devices. It can be colleagues and/or the company’s business partners (customers and suppliers). It is up to you.

See more in the description of Contact Sync

Tools for IBM Notes and Domino

We have over time developed a number of specific tools to run on Lotus Notes and Domino. Here you can see some of the products that we sell:

RSS Provider

RSS is short for ”Really Simple Syndication”, which is a standard for exchanging documents and/or references to documents.

RSS has become the de-facto standard for distributing e.g. news through feeds. RSS Provider will allow you to offer your company’s interest groups relevant information as news feeds that they can subscribe to as it best suits them.

Read more in the product description for  RSS Provider

SQL Tool

This tool will let you transfer data from your Lotus Domino databases to tables in an SQL database on a database server. The solution has been developed to transfer data on a regular basis, e.g. daily. Then you can use data for analysis in a data mining solution or similar tool on the chosen SQL database technology.

The tool has been developed to scale and to run very stable and efficient.

See more in the product description for SQL Tool