2 Phase Login

Many organisations hesitate to open access to their internal systems from a web browser from outside of the organisation – and with good reason! Even though it would allow for improved efficiency for employees and business partners.

If you are also anxious botu this but on the other han want to exploit the opportunities that exist in opening up access to the internal systems then 2 Phase Login (2PL) may be the solution for you and your organisation.

This solution ensures that you need more than a user id and a password to log on to a system. As an extra check (we call it “phase”) you will need your cell phone. Once your user id and password has been verified the system will send a text message to your cell phone with a on-time code. If you do not enter this code you will not be allowed access to the system. You can even configure the system to require the code to be entered within a certain time frame – and only a allow a limited number of incorrect entries.

The whole idea is that a user would quickly realise if their cell phone was lost. This reduces the risk of someone being able to steal a user id and password and be able to log into the system without others paying attention.

What do you get with 2 Phase Login?

You get the following:

  • A secure login method that requires the user to be in possession of a physical object – without having to invest in expensive physical token generators.
  • You can change the login screens to use your own logo/graphics.
  • The solution works in front of all web applications on a Lotus Domino server.
  • The solution is configured via Lotus Domino’s Web configuration (the domcfg databasen) in the same way as all other login solutions on Lotus Domino.
  • An option to enable tracking of logins (time, user, browser, url, etc.).
  • Danish or English screens – contact us if you need more languages!

Prices (in EURO):

Number of users


Maintenance per year (25%)

50 1.000 250
100 1.700 425
200 2.800 700
300 3.800 950
+100 1.000 250

If you need many more users please contact us to get a specific quotation.

See more in  the product sheet