Contact Sync

You are a daily user of Lotus Notes and Domino.

With version 8.5 af Lotus Domino we have had Lotus Traveler that can be used to get all your contacts, mails, and appointments brought to your cell phone. However, it is only your private contacts that are included…. – what about the company contacts? Now we have a solution…

With “Contact Sync” you can now have the company contacts brought to your phone!

In “Contact Sync” you can define which of the company’s contacts that you would like to send to the users’ phones. Next you can adjust what users you want to send contacts to as well as what contacts you want to send to these users. You can define several sources of contacts (e.g. the company directory, an HR system, and/or a CRM system).

Then the system handles everything for you from now on.

Prices (in EURO):

Number of users


Maintenance per year (25%)

50 1.000 250
100 1.700 425
200 2.800 700
300 3.800 950
+100 1.000 250

If you need many more users please contact us to get a specific quotation.

See more in  the product sheet