RSS Provider

RSS is short for ”Really Simple Syndication and it has become the standard for exchanging documents and/or references to documents.

RSS has become the de-facto standard for distributing e.g. news through feeds. This is much better than receiving information through the traditional news letters. By using RSS the user can much easier select the information that they find relevant and how often they want to receive it.

Is your home page (internet, intranet and/or extranet) based on Lotus Domino then you can now offer access to all of your available data in the RSS format. This gives all of your company’s business partners and interest groups access to follow relevant information from you as it best suits them.

What do you get with RSS Provider?

You will get the following:

  • A tool where you define RSS feeds that extract data from your existing Lotus Domino databases. The information can be read from another server than the one where the RSS Provider database is installed.
  • For each RSS feed the system will help you include all the relevant data and fields according to the standard.
  • You have very large flexibility in specifying data from existing databases through the usage of @-formulas. This means that you avoid having to make design changes to your existing databases.
  • You can also give access to information that is access protected and therefore requires a login.
  • All feed reads are fully logged in D-D BackendLog that is a separate product that comes with RSS Provider. Should any errors occur when a feed is read then D-D BackendLog will send a message to one or more users (admins) about the error. You can also get an overview of how many times your RSS feeds have been called.

Some technical facts about RSS Provider:

  • The solution consists of two databases: one for definitions of RSS feeds and OPML and one for logging feed reads.
  • To gain access to data that requires a logon basic authentication is required. This can be handled via a web rule for the domain if you are using internet sites.
  • The solution can run on Lotus Domino version 5.0.x or later and it is platform independant.
  • The solution implements RSS feeds in version 2.0 of RSS specification – but it is prepared for other versions should the requirement arise.


You can see on e.g. (in Danish) how RSS Provideris used to give members (authenticated users) as well as anonymous users access to news via RSS.

Price: Euro 1.700 ex. VAT

Contact: John Dalsgaard, phone: +45 4914-1271 or email for further information.