SQL Tool

In many organisations there is a requirement for using data in different systems. Quit often these systems do not “talk” to each other directly.

This tool gives you the possibility to transfer data from your Lotus Domino databases to tables in an SQL database on a database server. The solution has been developed to transfer data on a regular basis, e.g. daily. Then you can use your data for analysis in a data mining solution or similar tool on the chosen SQL database technology

What do you get with SQL Tool?

You get the following:

  • A tool where you can configure what Lotus Domino databases you want to pull data from as well as define the SQL server and database where you want to transfer the data to.
  • For each transfer that you define you specify the Lotus Domino database as well as the selection of documents you want to transfer (either by name of a view or a selection formula).
  • For each transfer you map fields in the documents to columns in the SQL database.
  • Documents from Lotus Domino will be transfered to recoreds in the SQL database in a 1:1 relation. This means every document will be transfered to one record.
  • You can use @-formulas for the fields in the documents from Lotus Domino. This means that you could change the data type or “join” multivalue fields into one value since the SQL database does not accept the loose data structure that Lotus Domino allows. This gives you tools to “clean” data in transfer instead of having to change the original data in the Lotus Domino database which is not always possible.
  • All records in the table in the SQL database are deleted prior to each transfer. However, the system is prepared for further options (update, create, update and create).
  • All transfers are fully logged in D-D BackendLog that is a separate product which comes with SQL Tool. Should errors occur when transfers are running D-D BackendLog will send messages to one or more users with the error.

Some technical details about SQL Tool

  • The solution consists of two databases: one for definitions of transfers and one for logging transfer operations.
  • The solution uses Microsofts ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) or ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) at your choice. With ADO you do not need to specify an external data source on your server. This gives greater stability since the system can handle exceptions internally.
  • The solution only runs on Lotus Domino on Microsoft Windows. The solution works on Lotus Domino version 5.0.x and later.
  • The solution has implemented access to MS SQL Server and MySQL at the moment. New RDBMS systems are added if required (without extra cost).

Price: Euro 3.000 ex. VAT.

Contact: John Dalsgaard, phone: +45 4914-1271 or email for further information.