Lotus Notes Basics

Lotus Notes 8.5.3 is the the most widespread version of IBM’s Lotus Notes client for mail, calendar, colaboration, and much more!

Lotus Notes 8.5

This course is targeted at the average Lotus Notes user in connection with upgrades to this version of Lotus Notes. In addition the course can be used to train new users of Lotus Notes in using the most important functions in the system.

Course description

The course covers the most important functions in Lotus Notes and in addition some practical tips that will make the daily usage easier. Focus is on the newest functions of Lotus Notes Version 8.5 in comparison to version 6.5 since this is most often the upgrade path companies have taken.

The standard subjects covered in the course are lined up here. However, the list is of a dynamic nature and the contents may change over time:

  • Overview of Lotus Notes 8.5
    The Open button and customization, Toolbar and customization, the internal browser, the sidebar, the miniview, shortcuts, preferences and search options.
  • E-mail
    Preferences, easy search, create and delete folders, access to others mailaccount, out of office etc.
  • Calendar
    Preferences, miniview, create and manage meetings, access to other calendars etc.
  • Contacts
    Create and edit contact, shortname, sending contact information Vcard, create group etc.
  • To do’s
    Create to do, assign to do’s to others, managing to do’s, miniview etc.
  • Sidebar
    Visability, standard panals, add a new element in the sidebar etc.
  • Sametime
    Add a new Contact, primary contacts, start a chat, add capture part of screen and add to chat etc.
  • Feeds
    Add a new feed, manage feeds in the sidebar.

The couse can be adjusted according to specific needs.

Teaching philosophy

We use class teaching, and every student preferably uses his or her own pc. If that is not possible they can use a standard pc. At the beginning of the course, the teacher checks the level of knowledge of the system among the students and identifies any special requirements. The contents of the course will be adjusted to reflect these findings as much as possible.

During the course the students will work with practical lessons on the computer. This improves the learning process and thus increases the effect of the course.


All students will receive course material ath the beginning of a course. The material contains pictures and desciptions of each of the subjects learned in the course. If some of the advanced subjects are left out of the course due to adjustment to the students’ level of knowledge, those subjects are still in the material for later reference and study by the students on their own.

The course material is based on the most current version of Lotus Notes. It will be updated as new versions of Lotus Notes are released.


The students need to have access to the internet and they must have access to a computer with Lotus Notes installed.

It is an advantage if the students have worked a little with Lotus Notes prior to the course, however, it is not a prerequisite.

Teaching principles

We focus on explaining the subjects in a “natural” language and not make them too “technical”. The main focus is on the business advantage of using the system – not the tecnical details.


The course normally takes 4 hours but it can be fit into 3 or 3½ hourse if time is a problem, however, the prise does not change.


The course can be held within the EU – so we can get to where your employees are. Please contact us for a specific quotation.